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Are you interested in being involved and engaged in the Arms and Weaponry business? Do you know what’s in it for you if you decide to do so? In addition to that, what things can you expect if you enter this industry?

Here in the country, one of the most common requirements of being a part of the Weaponry and Arms industry would be the ITAR Certification.

International Traffic in Arms Regulation ITAR-IQC ISO9001

Defining ITAR: What is it?

If we were to take a deeper look at what it is, ITAR is short for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and it’s the control group of the importation and exportation of any weapon, defense, and space-related products, articles, and data.

Using the same area of analogy, all the things, products, and services that need to have an ITAR Certification must be a part or under the category of any of the units and pieces in the United States Munitions List or the USML.

For further clarification and explanation, all items, products, and articles in space and defense industry that is a part of the USML need to have an ITAR Certification, and being caught can result in different civil and criminal fines – fines that can go as high as $1 million.

Getting ITAR Certification and Implementation

There are various companies that can claim they provide and offer the best ITAR Certification – but how sure are you that working with them would be safe and secure? What kind of trust are you able to leave that company about sensitive data and information about your business?

We at IQC – the ISO Professionals have been providing a good deal of standards and certifications and we never failed any of our clients. They learned to trust us fully not just with the ITAR program itself, but also with how we handle and manage sensitive content about their business.


Requirements for Successful Implementation

In order for your business or your company to really gain Certification, the step you need to overcome would be the Implementation. Once it’s done, Certification would be as easy as pie – and you can trust our third-party Certification companies for that as well.

The major requirements for this type and this kind of certification include:

  • Must cover defense articles or military items and equipment
  • Must be involved in the regulation of goods and technology that are designed and developed to kill or to defend against death in a military setting
  • It would include:
    • Space-related technology (application to missile technology)
    • Technical data in relation to defense articles and services
  • It involves a set of strict regulatory and licensing; as it would not address research or commercial objectives

With IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never worry about the level of legitimacy or originality. We would offer and provide only the best and the highest quality of ITAR Training and Implementation for your company or your business to taste that sweet feeling of Certification.

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