ISO 9001:2015 Published in September 2015...Start Now

Why not start ISO 9001:2015 transition/implementation now?

Many organizations are quite satisfied with a three-year window before the 2015 version of ISO 9001 is required for certification. When asked, most say, “We’ll wait.  We have time.” 

Why wait?  The standard has been revised to align closely with the strategic direction of the organization. Since the standard was first written in 1987--and focused upon documentation to give evidence of compliance--the standard developers have moved slowly toward an extremely important concept, now seen in full bloom in ISO 9001:2015: It’s not about compliance, but performance; it’s about output! It’s about using your quality management system to improve business results.

Second, while “risk-based thinking” has been much maligned, the top managers with whom I have worked have seen this requirement in a tremendously positive light. They say, “If I address risk from a system, process, and product perspective, I can focus my quality management system on performance improvement.”   

What this says to us is that ISO 9001:2015 is a tool to improve business results, as well as the bottom line.

So, tell me again, why you are waiting?