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In order for your business to prosper in the best ways possible, it needs to have a standardized format. The world of business is vast and it’s full of different possibilities – it can be negative, positive, and it can be both depending on the situation your company or your organization is in. Through a Quality Management System or a QMS, companies, and organizations are able to assess, document, process, and provide quality products and services to their clients.

An ISO 9001 Consultant

Contrary to popular belief, an ISO 9001 Consultant is not like the regular consultant that many companies and corporations would expect. ISO 9001 consultants focus on the core competencies of companies including, but not limited to customer experience and customer satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, unique and effective business models, and designs – all of which point towards its capability of being compliant to the standard.

An ISO 9001 Consultant will help to enable your company or your organization’s skill and adeptness in the field that they are in. Here are some of the key qualities of an ISO 9001 Consultant:

Comparing an ISO 9001 to a regular consultant would be a lot different because an ISO 9001 Consultant would have a good set of organizational skills. ISO-based projects can range anywhere from manageable to complex and it’s going to require good organizational skills.

It’s never a requirement for ISO 9001 Consultants to be business leaders but having a good set of leadership skills would be beneficial for their purpose. Because ISO projects would require a full swing of management and operations, a good leader would make up a great ISO 9001 Consultant.

Details are what make up an ISO system more powerful and more relevant. An ISO 9001 Consultant’s attention to detail would be relevant in many different projects and types and it’s going to require easy access to knowledge and skill.

How can one become an ISO 9001 consultant without being a master of it? This variable might seem obvious but it actually is a crucial step. There is a lot of ISO 9001 consultants who are not skilled and knowledgeable in an in-depth manner and that can break a company or an organization’s stature.

Out of the many ISO 9001 Consulting companies out there in the market, only at IQC – the ISO Professionals will you be able to find the most reliable, the most experienced, and the most technical. We have proven our effectiveness and efficiency in the industry and we always reached out to our clients with an extended arm of effort. Even if we’re only hired to work as ISO 9001 Consulting Professionals and Experts, clients can also count on us for other services, too.


Why Hire an ISO 9001 Consultant?

Having a company without a Quality Management Standard is like creating a tower without a solid foundation built from weak and brittle materials; it’s going to fall inevitably with you not noticing any sign or symptom of it.

The need to hire an ISO 9001 Consultant goes as far as caring for your company from start to finish. ISO 9001 Consultants are needed by every company or organization no matter how big or small they are. Its importance stretches from just being a consultant to being a company or an organizational need for the further improvement and development of their business operations.

Why Hire Us?

There are a lot of other companies and organizations that offer the same services we do – why should you spend your time and your efforts in working with us? What special traits and characteristics do we have as an ISO Consulting Company?

We’re Certified and Verified

All of the consultants, auditors, and coaches we have under our wing are all certified and verified – and they didn’t just undergo the regular and the usual training that you would expect – our people, especially the pioneers, received training straight from the knowledge of Mr. George Hummel, one of the elected members of the US TAG to the ISO/TC 176.

They were also the team who helped in the rewriting and the reengineering of the ISO 19011. This raw knowledge of the standard is the strongest selling point we have because many companies and organizations already believed – and they got what they wanted.

Over 150 Years of Experience

If we were, to sum up the experience of all our professionals, auditors, and consultants, they would exceed 150 years of relevant experience. IQC – the ISO Professionals is the haven of ISO-based systems and you can never go wrong in choosing us. Experience doesn’t lie – and so do we! If you want to work with only the best in the industry, don’t try to look for a different company! We’ll be everything you need!


Expert Consulting

Have you tried asking for the help of other ISO Consulting Firms and Companies? What kinds and types of results did you get? Did you arrive at the exact and specific results you wanted your company or your organization to be at?

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we will only give you the best and the most essential consulting you need. Contrary to how other consultants perform, we wouldn’t fill our consultations with fluff and irrelevant knowledge. In fact, we would provide a checklist of everything that needs to be assessed – and we would go from there.

The Consulting Services that we offer here at IQC – the ISO Professionals would definitely exceed what you expect from the normal and the regular consultation that you receive. With the skills and the experience that our consultants and auditors have, there wouldn’t be a spot missed. Should you find yourself in need of a company or an ISO-certified organization that you can count on, don’t forget that we, at IQC – the ISO Professionals, are just one call or one email away.

You can find us anywhere at any given time – get a chance to be serviced by the best in the industry without burning a hole in your pocket!

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