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ISO 19011 is one of the many standards that discuss quality, efficiency, and effectiveness all at the same time. The said ISO, however, has its focus in auditing, and that’s an imperative part of the business systems and processes.

From the many different types and kinds of audit, the Second Party Audits are the types of audits considered by many as the audit that would help customers and clients discover the truth behind their suppliers – and it goes through a series of chains until it tracks down the lowest and the most bottom part.

Second Party Audits-IQC ISO9001

What Second Party Audits Are

Do not be confused about the many different types and kinds of audits; you can directly link those to how you’re imagining it to be. Still, confused? In its simplest terms, a Second Party Audit is a type of external audit that is performed by a customer to the company they’re doing business with; or a company or a contractor to a supplier.

Let’s look at it in a more concrete example:

A – the consumer; B – the retailer; C – the manufacturer or the supplier. A Second Party Audit is the type of audit that undergoes the same analogy as A auditing B; or B auditing C. There are instances where purchasing power will be influenced but more often than not, there’ll be a contract in place and everything will flow and be delivered accordingly.

Purpose of Second Party Audits

If decisions are going to be pushed, what is the main purpose of a Second Party Audit? Unlike the usual and the specific Supplier Audits, Second Party Audits have a much deeper purpose. Conducting a Second Party Audit can be the result of a lot of instances including:

  • Confirmation of the completion of a previous issue with quality
  • When a new product is developed
  • Supplier approval in terms of sourcing current parts and components
  • Quality investigation with products and services from suppliers

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