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It has been reported that businesses, companies, and organizations that successfully integrated and implemented the ISO 50001 practices into their businesses saved at least 10% of energy in their entire organizations in their first year of inculcating it.

Many people are skeptical about it – and they don’t think that it’s real. However, the standard itself has proven its effectiveness and overall efficiency. Having hundreds of thousands of companies and businesses from over the world certified, they’re now enjoying the fact that they’ve saved energy while performing more and better than what they were actually doing before.

Energy ISO 50001 and SEP-IQC ISO9001

ISO 50001 Overview

The ISO 50001 is the standard that is used and considered as the main tool for the creation, design, and overall development of an Energy Management System or an EnMS.

An EnMS or an Energy Management System is the set of guidelines, rules, and practices that directly point towards the path of continual improvement and development for businesses in terms of them creating strategies that are actually efficient and effective in terms of conserving energy.

Here in the community of Georgetown, we at IQC – the ISO Professionals are the only organization trusted to help not just in terms of training for the ISO 50001 – but also when it comes to the implementation of it into businesses’ and organizations’ integration.

With our help, they didn’t just only learn what the ISO 50001 is – they were successful in implementing it into their business processes for a more developed and a more improved system.

Our Mission

IQC – the ISO Professionals’ mission is not just to educate and to inform businesses, companies, and organizations – but also to help them live by this particular standard; it’s going to be for their own sakes anyway.

Overall, the objectives and the goals that we have in performing our services aren’t only for education and training purposes – it is for the overall development and improvement of our clients’ businesses and facilities too.


Benefits of EnMS Implementation

What are the things that you can look forward to after the successful implementation of ISO 50001 into your business processes and operations? How can it be an advantage or a benefit for you and for your company?

In case you’re waiting to see or read some benefits and advantages of it, here are some of the most sough-after and the most recognized:

  • Energy savings of up to 10% in the first 12 months or a year;
  • Higher quality of products because of streamlined services
  • Reduced and drastically decreased operational costs
  • Continual improvement and development of business processes and procedures
  • And many more

In case you’re expecting to find some form of inconsistency in our business processes – look again, but this time, look closely. We at IQC – the ISO Professionals have perfected our skill and our overall knowledge in terms of training, implementing, and fully integrating the ISO 50001 into business processes and operations.

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