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The entire city of Federal Way is counting on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to give them and provide the best and the highest quality of Pre-Assessment Audits that the can get no matter where they are located and what their businesses are.

Our name and our label in the industry made us not only the best and the most trusted, but also the most accurate and the most experienced. Having serviced more than 3,500 companies and organizations in our experience, you can lean on us and our expertise in the area of Pre-Assessment Audits.

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

Understanding What Pre-Assessment Audits Are

How do you define a Pre-Assessment Audit? What does it mean to get a Pre-Assessment Audit for your company or for your organization? If we were to define it to a five-year-old, we would position it as the type of audit where it’s described as the “Practice Audit” that businesses and corporations can have and take.

Technically speaking, a Pre-Assessment Audit is a complex and comprehensive type of audit wherein it will involve a full type of audit in the likes of having a Certification Audit.

Between Pre-Assessment Audits and Certification Audits, there aren’t any huge differences in the procedures and the processes involved – it’s just the same; and the only difference would be the fact that the Pre-Assessment Audit doesn’t count for certification.

Your Results Won’t Dictate Your Certification

Whether you pass the Pre-Assessment Audit or not, it would not have an effect on the official Pre-Assessment Audit that you’re about to conduct and perform for your company or for your business.

Though it will follow the same structure and the same flow, it would not have any effects. What businesses and organizations can take from it though would be if they have procedures and processes that are showing non-compliance to the standard they’re certified against.

They can use this information and this data to improve, develop, and enhance whatever’s lacking or whatever’s inconsistent with their procedures and processes.


Why Work With Us?

There are hundreds, even thousands of Auditing Bodies and Organizations in the industry – why are we deemed and considered as the best and the most reliable? Other than the fact that all our auditors underwent significant and essential training, all our services have a standardized and uniform way of being approached and conducted.

At IQC – the ISO Professionals, you would never have an experience that’s bad for your business or for your operations. Everything that you will experience with us will be, overall, for the benefit and the development of your company.

Wherever you are in Federal Way – no matter how big or small your company or your organization is, and regardless of the age, the Pre-Assessment service can help and can be the basis of whether or not you will be certified.

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