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Topic: ISO 9000/9001–quality management, Management Review

Question: I’m looking for assistance with the Management Review requirement of ISO 9001:2015. We’ve been following an agenda that covers 9.3.2 a-f, but Senior Management believes that they cover much of this information in other meetings. I found a few articles through the ASQ website but wanted to see if there are suggestions on other resources to help make the Reviews relevant and useful vs. just checking off a box.

Answer: Management Review does not have to happen in one session and can be addressed over several meetings. So long as all the inputs and outputs (not addressed in your question) are recorded and accessible.


It is important that the inputs/outputs are not “checking off a box.” Management Review should be seen as “due diligence.” For example, it is not designed to say, “internal audits were performed on xx/xx/2019.” Here is the opportunity for Top Management to review the audit results for improvement opportunities and determine how risks uncovered can be mitigated.

Note that the standard does not say “a meeting.” You may wish to gather the materials into one document and send it back to Top Management for review and approval. This would also allow you to determine if there are any gaps to be addressed.

Try to ensure that Top Management notes changes in the QMS or needed. For example, does the QMS still support the strategic directions of the organization, have the requirements of interested parties changed, has corrective action found the root cause of problems, have complaints been adequately addressed and, have there been any changes in statutory requirements. Following the review of the information, it would be my advice to publish the results to communicate these to the entire organization.

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