Why hire and ISO 9001 Consultant?

Why hire an ISO 9001 consultant?

ISO 9001 consultants and ISO consulting in general are completely hit or miss. Over the last 28 plus years, ISO services have moved from new and expensive to almost a commodity. There is no barrier to entry to the industry except for a website and a business card. In fact, when some quality professionals lose their job, they start a “consulting company”. So, before we answer the initial question of ‘Why?”, let’s weed out the pretenders.

Step #1: Check out their Linkedin page. If the company is less than 3 years old (sometimes even 5 years old) make it a hard pass. Look to see if they have had jobs in the ISO industry as well. Chef to ISO consultant is a tough jump. I’ll leave that up to you to answer. You can check us out here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hummel1/ or here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgehummel/

IQC has more contractors and employees, but my LinkedIn (Seth) and my father’s (George Hummel, who says he’s retired but he still has customers) show the breadth and depth of the company.


Step#2: Check their stats! Literally! Ask for a rundown of the last 20 companies they have invoiced and what service they invoiced. Ask for the literal invoices. Tell them they can blackout any private information. If they don’t have 20 invoices and if you don’t see what you are buying, they may be a pretender and not worth your time.

IQC’s last 20 invoices are available upon request AFTER you’ve been qualified as a potential client.

Step #3: Call 10 or more of the customers in their 20 invoices run down. Get a general consensus on how they work. Talk to their clients about their process for consulting and support in general. Talk to their clients in all industries, not just yours. Do some networking while you’re at it. You may just pick up a customer.

If a consulting company is willing to participate in the 3 steps above, then, in my eyes, they may not be a pretender. There are plenty of good ISO consultants out there, but a ton of bad ones too.

Now let’s answer the original question, why hire an ISO consultant? Our clients typically come to us because they want to only be experts at their business, serve their customers, and focus on their employees. They, for the most part, don’t want to take the time to become experts in our industry. Why would they? ISO is our industry. Simply put, they want to spend their time completely focused on their core. We are the experts (<- literally a link to the ASQ Ask the Experts site showing IQC & George as an expert for standards) at applying the standards. You are the expert at your business. When you select us as your consultant, we combine forces for a short project and we help you craft an ISO quality or environmental management system to support your core and fit what you do. A good consultant does just that, they make the ISO standard fit your business, rather than changing your business to fit the standard. This is really where the three steps above come into play. You have to have the experience in applying the standard 100’s of times to be worth the money. Anyone can say they’re an expert, you should make them prove it.

We’ll do just that and we will guarantee our results.

We operate nationwide without any type of restriction – wherever you are, you can feel free to contact us.
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