ISO 9001 Quality Manual

While the 2015 edition of ISO 9001 does not require a quality manual, it leaves the decision to the organization.

In previous editions, where a manual was required, many organizations just replicated the standard. Leaving aside that this was a copyright violation, it was a useless document. It couldn’t be used by the organization, employees, customers, or auditors.


How then can a manual be a document that is useful? The organization can document the description of its processes their scope and policies within the manual.
If the organization describes the sequence of the processes, a manual can be as simple as a process diagram.

A process diagram version of documentation provides a number of benefits: Allows an employee or employee team to eliminate non-value-added activities, is easy to follow and understand (especially for employees who are visual), can easily be provided to customers and auditors, ensures that all requirements are addressed, and allows the organization to easily follow Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Notice that I wrote “an employee or an employee team.”  When everyone in the organization is involved in the development of the process diagrams, they feel that they own the documents and know them completely.  It becomes easier to address risks and implement micro-improvements.

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