How to Implement ISO 9001?

or any other ISO based standard

There are some generic steps/activities that can be followed to achieve certification:

  • Buy the appropriate standard
  • Hold an Executive Overview for top management
  • Secure commitment and resources from top management
  • Identify “process owners” and provide an Understanding training course
  • Perform a Gap Analysis & determine documented information needed
  • Develop an implementation timeline and statement of work
  • Provide Familiarization Employee Training
  • Conduct Status Up-date sessions with process owners
  • Enable process owners to train their workgroup in their process
  • Time for the operation of the management system
  • Select a Certification Body
  • Select & train Internal Auditors (Understanding & Internal Auditor)
  • Conduct Internal Audits
  • Initiate any Corrective Action needed
  • Deliver Internal Audit Report to top management
  • Conduct a Management Review
  • The Certification Body conducts a Stage 1 audit
  • The Certification Body conducts a Stage 2/Certification Audit
  • Take any corrective action needed
  • Become certified
  • Conduct a celebration
  • Advertise the certification
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