How to complete an ISO, AS, IATF Gap


How to complete an ISO, AS, or IATF Gap Analysis?

There are three main components to completing an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis:

1.    Scheduling the Gap Analysis

2.    Conducting the Gap Analysis

3.    How to use the Gap Analysis – the Report.


1. Schedule the Gap Analysis

Select the date(s) for the Gap Analysis and communicate to all employees what is being done, and why. You will want to be able to make the employees comfortable when answering the person’s questions. You may want to consider informing the employees that the Gap Analysis will be performed, by whom, when, and why the Gap Analysis is being performed.

Conduct the Gap Analysis using the processes identified in your formal or informal management system. Schedule a time to audit each process, ensuring that all the requirements of the standard that apply to the process are addressed. Provide the person that is being audited, the portion of the Gap Analysis appropriate to the process at hand.

2. Conduct the Gap Analysis

Focus on what is in place and what is not in place.  Remind everyone that the Gap Analysis is not an internal audit and conformance or nonconformance to the standard does not issue.  People need to focus on what is in the current formal or informal system versus what the requirements are in ISO 9001:2015.

The person conducting the Gap Analysis should take detailed notes on what is in place and/or what will need to be added, replaced, created from scratch. Take complete notes, reference documents, and examples. Note where processes link to other processes.

3.  Complete the Gap Analysis Report

Summarize the audit findings in the form of a task list. You will usually identify 4 categories of processes (tasks).

  • Processes that comply with the standard and are documented.
  • Processes that comply with the standard and must be documented.
  • Processes that do not comply with the standard and must be redesigned.
  • Processes required by the standard that are not currently in place.

Templates Available:

1.    ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis (ISO, AS, and IATF based standard Gap Checklists also available.

2.    ISO 9001 Documented Information Matrix

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