7 Assignments for Top Management in

ISO 9001

7 assignments for Top Management in ISO 9001

Top management in the organization (you define those folks referencing the definition below) should attend an Executive Overview of the standard.

Why? Top management must understand their enhanced role in the quality management system.  The standard changes terminology from “management” to “leadership.”  It outlines specific activities for which top management is responsible.

Along with the overview, we provide a series of templates that are provided to enable top management to work through those responsibilities.  (Note: these templates are suggestions! You can create your own forms.)


The overview and templates will guide top management through the process of setting the framework for the implementation.

These 7 steps (templates) are:

1.   Determining the context of the organization

2.   Determining interested parties & their needs

3.   Scope of the QMS

4.   Identification of risks & opportunities

5.   Quality policy w/ quality objectives: example & template

6.   Organizational knowledge

7.   Management review format and guide

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