What is "Scope" in a Management System?

Determining the scope of the organization’s management system (MS) has been a requirement for a long time. It defines how far the MS extends within the organization’s operations. Many organizations, when starting their implementation, are confused about “scope.” They may equate it with the scope statement in the Standard and claim conformity with that statement or draw a complete blank. The publication of ISO 9001:2015 can help to clear this up for organizations.
Clause 4.3 states that there are three factors to consider when determining scope:
1. Internal and external issues that can affect the organization’s ability to achieve intended pruposes,
2. The requirements of relevant interested parties, and
3. The products and services of the organization.
Therefore, the scope of the MS is a statement of the products and services offered by the organization It’s “what our business does” including the industries for which this is done.
Here are some scope statement, as examples:
“The manufacturing and assembly of cargo and trunk systems, acoustic and water shield solutions and protective in-transit materials”
“The manufacture of close tolerance instrumentation and implants for the medical industry”
“The design and fabrication of wireless network sensors, prognostics, diagnostics, and vehicle telematics systems”
“Security printing, brand protection labels, tamper tapes, labels & seals, security paper documents, Intaglio printing and holograms, for businesses and governments”
It should include enough information to determine the processes used and what is excluded so that your customers and potential customers know exactly what you provide.