ISO 9001:2015 Questions from a recent Webinar Part 2 of 3, Answers by George Hummel, member US TAG to ISO/TC 176



Our ISO 9001: 2008 manual and our supporting documents cover most or all the rearranged or new requirements.  Is it necessary to rewrite the manual to be more in line with the 2015 standard?



Absolutely NOT. The Introduction of ISO 9001:2015 states:

“It is not the intent of this International Standard to imply the need for:

—   uniformity in the structure of different quality     management systems;


     alignment of documentation to the clause structure of this International Standard;


     the use of the specific terminology of this International Standard within the organization.”


It pays to read the Standard from the first page, not at the beginning of Clause 4.


See an answer below: it may be a good opportunity to create your own structure.



Our management group, especially our Japanese, rely on my position as management rep to communicate the requirements and to communicate information regarding the QMS and EMS.  So under responsibility and authority can my position be documented and if so as what?  There has to be someone else held accountable for feeding a directing the requirements.



While it is no longer a requirement that there be a Management Representative, an organization is free to maintain that role.  However, that does not absolve Top Management of accountability.